Animation Reel 2016

My Animation Reel from 2016. Some shots were personal projects and others were completed on the Animation Mentor Creature and Animals Masterclass.

Animation Reel 2015

My Animation Reel from 2015 when I completed the Animation Mentor Character Animation course.


Shots I completed for the animated short film which has been released Worldwide by Snowgum Films and premiered at many festivals during 2019. Check out the film here:

The Peterson Case

There were many First Person animations in this game. I also animated various characters including
cut scenes and cycles. The game is currently in development and you can view the game trailer

Metro 6

Various animations I have completed for the animated short movie Metro 6. The film was is being produced on Artella and by Hectic digital. Their website can be found at:

Spider Animations

Various Animations which is done as part of a VR project.

Doodle Jump 3D

An Intro Animation from the game Doodle Jump 3D.

Nyjah Huston #Skatelife

Animations from the game which include canned animations for menus and UI as well as various in game jumps and idles.

Kings of Soccer

Various Animations from the game including idles, warms ups and goal celebrations.

Other Animation Mentor Work

Various other Animations I completed while studying at Animation Mentor.


I mainly worked as a 3D Generalist on this TV series for a few months but managed to complete one shot which was used in the egyptian tv program.

Fat Sheriff

A simple little animation of a Sheriff firing his gun. I made the animation in Flash.

Red Bull Canimation

Created in flash and entered into the Red Bull Canimation contest in 2011.


I created this animation in Flash as I like the Film "Gremlins".

Different Trades

Various trades animations to show a character performing tasks such as CPR, Go Karting and Bricklaying.


Various traffic management walk cycles with different equipment.

Virtual Reality

A Virtual Reality project we completed to show a character carrying out vehicle testing. You can view the unity VR version here:

Other Animations

Various other animations I completed whilst working at Virtual 3D Solutions. The first animations were generic and simple acting movements and we used Unity Lip Sync to create mouth shapes from the Maya blendshapes.

Traffic Management

These are a few of the 100's of animations completed as training videos for the highways industry and traffic management companies. They show workers carrying out various tasks relating to traffic management. You can view more videos on the V3DS YouTube page here: