Neanderthal Man

Recently I have started a new project which is completely different from anything I have done in the past. It is a comedy type act with some explicit lyrics and content. The project is very new (October 2019) and will take a good while to get it right as I haven't done any song writing or played guitar for over 8 years! The plan is to keep going and I hope to release an EP and do a live gig in the future. Stay tuned!

Shay Kahala 2009 - 2011

We were a 3 piece band consisting of Vocals/Bass, Guitar and Drums. We played over 10 gigs in and around the West and East Midlands area of the UK. The band consisted of Myself on Guitar, Asha on Vocals/Bass and Richard on Drums. You can purchase the double CD of 21 tracks we recorded in our time together from my Shop.


  1. Dirty Angel
  2. Seven Dreams
  3. Fairytales of You
  4. Runaway
  5. Fire
  6. Wasted Years
  7. Bellyache
  8. Last Chance Saloon
  9. Roll
  10. London Calling
  11. One Love
  12. Shine On
  13. Never Say Die
  14. Time
  15. No Place Like Home
  16. Seven Dreams (Reprise)
  17. Last Chance Saloon (LIVE)
  18. One Love (LIVE)
  19. Never Say Die (LIVE)
  20. Crazy (LIVE)
  21. Wasted Years (LIVE)

Monkey 2004 - 2009 (AKA Brass Monkey)

We were a 4 piece indie band with Oliver on Vocals, Chambo on Guitar, Myself on Bass and Richard on Drums. We done close to 100 gigs all over the UK including Barfly in London and the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. The double CD which includes 21 tracks such as Life's Circus, Play it Again Sam, Hope and Rainbows is available from my Shop.


  1. Play it Again Sam
  2. Life's Circus
  3. Rainbows
  4. Come What May
  5. United Elation
  6. A Slice in our Hearts
  7. The Tulip Barge
  8. Hope
  9. Good times
  10. Nothing Good
  11. Same Old Lonely Song
  12. The Journey
  13. My Little Gem
  14. I Wont Be Frightened
  15. Middle of Nowhere
  16. King of The Castle
  17. So Perfect
  18. Compromise
  19. Same Old Lonely Song (LIVE)
  20. King of The Castle (LIVE)
  21. Easily Swayed (LIVE)

Other Bands

I played in various other bands between 1996 and 2011 which were called The Shirkers, Liquid Amber, Ultrasonic, Slide and The Meaning. Thanks to everyone who supported me over the years. I tried.