Animation WIP

Here are three animations which I really want to polish a lot more and add to my Demo Reel for 2020. I have done these as personal projects and for the 11 second club animation contest. I want to work more on the arcs, spacing, drag, overlap, lip sync, facial and other animation principles to really make them shine when I get time.

Dennis Taylor 1985

Another WIP of a miniature from The Crucible Collection. The goal is to create Dennis' cue pump from the famous 1985 final against Steve Davis which was viewed by a record 18.5 million people in the UK.

The Dark Destroyer v The "G" Man

I have so much to do on this sculpt which includes proportions, structure, anatomy, forms and the portraits. This is without even mentioning the clothes and trainers etc. The goal is to recreate the fantastic but tragic fight which happened in 1995 between my two favourite fighters - Nigel Benn and Gerald McClellan - I hope to create a 25 year commemorative collectable miniature if I have time .

Planet Run Character

I am currently texturing the Alien character in Mari for use in my upcoming game "Planet Run". So far I have modelled and sculpted him in Zbrush before rigging in Maya for use in the Unity game engine. I have created in the game animations and the final goal is to create a better texture map.

The Little Redcoat - Jarome

The Jarome character is a model for an upcoming animated short called "The Little Redcoat". I have modelled and sculpted the character in Zbrush and I am currently rigging in Maya. I am also creating a cartoon type texture map in Mari.

The Little Redcoat - Mayor Hillside

The Mayor Hillside character is also a model for the upcoming animated short film "The Little Redcoat". Again, I modelled and sculpted the character in Zbrush and I am currently rigging in Maya after retopologizing. I still need to UV unwrap so I can texture in Mari.

The Monkey's Paw - Lion

The Lion was sculpted in Zbrush and I used ZRemesher to reduce the heavy polycount. I am currently rigging ready for use in an upcoming animated short film called "The Monkey's Paw". I have done a few simple KeyShot renders.

Peter Withe

This character is Peter Withe scoring the winner for Aston Villa in the 1982 European cup final in Rotterdam. A fantastic moment for Aston Villa and Peter Withe. I went to many Aston Villa games with my dad as a kid and this sculpt is dedicated to my father - Philip Mole 1946-2000. I hope to final the sculpt in the future and create a collectable for Aston Villa fans.

Chief Brody

The police chief from the film "Jaws". As with all of the other characters he is very much work in progress. The overall goal is for the character to be part of a possible Kickstarter campaign to re-create characters from horror films.


A sculpt of my Mum, Susan Mole. The plan is to add all the little details including skin pores and then texture the portrait in Mari. Following the Texturing process I would like to add some realistic hair and a realistic render in something like Arnold, Keyshot or Marmoset.

Jimmy White 1992

Very early stages of Jimmy's portrait. The final goal is create Jimmy's 147 v Tony Drago and add him to The Crucible Collection as a collectable miniature for snooker fans.


I am working as an Animator on this short film and creating some shots in my spare time (when I get any!). The film is being created by Christian Chulde - further information can be found here: